The angel Gabriel, the story goes
Greeted our sister Mary
Exclaimed in loving wonder
How she was blessed, full of grace
Heralding the mystery
Of Word becoming flesh.

This same angel, another story goes
Embraced Muhammad, blessing him
(peace on him, believers say)
Giving him words he never could have known.

And perhaps it was the same
Who grasped the hand of Abraham,
Saying, Stop
            Do not sacrifice this child.

Speaking for the same God
Who said to Abraham,
           Go out to a new land
And you shall be
A blessing

Who spoke to Moses, saying
  I will set you free

Whose words Jesus was speaking when he said,
  You are
  a city on a hill
  Let your light

And who will tell the angel’s grief
  At so many embraces,
So many promises
Perverted by power