Dancing Day

Sing O my love, O my love, my love, my love
                                    This have I done for my true love. . . .*

I awoke one Christmas Eve
Startled into joy
And for a moment
Saw the story whole

The One who made us, who is
Love, impassioned for us
Will not be kept out
By our indifference

But bursts through all the barriers
Human and divine
Takes our trembling flesh
Is held, bloody and wailing,
Swaddled tight in wondering arms,
Longing, satisfaction
Hunger, thirst, distress
As we know these things: firsthand and loving us
Knows, embraces

It is a dancing day indeed
The moment this begins.
Creation, coming whole again,
Gathers in
All the broken pieces
Lost, beloved, found.
Always there is a gathering, a dancing going on.
We move with gracefulness between
Dailiness and Mystery
Words made flesh
Singing back the song.
from Good Places