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Video interview on Poetry and Creativity  

On the Spiritual Wanderlust Podcast, an interview with Kelly Deutsch


(W) holy Work: Seeing our Daily Life as Ministry:

A Retreat for the Laity of the Diocese of Newark, with Bishop Hughes

How would our approach to work change if we thought of our work as a holy calling? What if our most precious offering to God is to see ourselves as serving God’s people in the workplace?

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Lenten Quiet Day March 15, 2024 at Bon Secours:  A Sojourn at Bethany

This Quiet Day, inspired by a painting at Bon Secours, offers an invitation to immerse ourselves imaginatively in the gospel stories that take place in Bethany, the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Bethany is the place where Jesus seems to have found respite, rest and a home at critical moments in his ministry. The day will feature a series of meditations, with art and original poetry, around the family relationships at Bethany, and especially on their experiences of friendship, grief, loss and companionship.  Except for the meditations and a time of sharing at the beginning and end, this will be a day of corporate silence.

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Teaching at Adelynrood Retreat Center

Co-leading Adelynrood School for Spiritual Direction, June 3-7 and August 5-9, 2024
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Writing as Spiritual Practice:  A Weekend Retreat at Shrine Mont 

This weekend of writing, prayer and reflection will focus on the  practice of “contemplative writing,” using the techniques of creative and reflective writing as openings into the life of prayer in our daily lives.  Through examples and writing prompts, we will explore the experience of praying part of a day, praying in a place, writing about people or things important to us, and praying with poetry.  The basic tools for the weekend will be a journal and something to write with. There will be stretches of free time for writing, walking and reflecting, and sharing will be optional but invited.

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