Holy Spirit

She came to meet me,
Beautiful and strong, and surging with desire:
“What do you want?” she asked me,  a twinkle in her eye.
And timidly, I whispered:  More.
A little more of this, please:
This springing-up of life, this beckoning mystery.
I want to enter more of it
Even the mud and mess.
More, I would like more, I whispered,
Then drew back.
But perhaps I want too much? I asked.
Am I too greedy?
HA!  She shouted,
And her laughter boomed around me.
Look at you!
So drawn and self-controlled
You are
An anorexic at a banquet!
Come, and taste, and eat.
And when you’ve fattened up a bit,
I’ll teach you how to dance!

And stretching out a spindly arm,
I reached for her rich fruits,
And began to taste, and eat.