I remember the last time brood 10 emerged — featured in the “Poem of the Season” and here
Walking in Rock Creek Park yesterday I had time and space to just watch and wonder – some had just emerged from the amazing array of holes they punch in the ground, coming up through 17 years of climbing.

Many were perched on low shrubbery, providing easy food for the birds, who are going crazy with their sound and chowing down – those that are carnivores. (I saw a huge pileated woodpecker close to the ground – unusual for them (but too far off for a photo, alas) —

It was great just to let it wash over me as I walked:  the cicadas’sound giving a voice to the surrounding green of lush late spring- providing the audio here.

We won’t believe, when they are gone, that we were here for this! I am enjoying this experience of being “in nature”, whether we like it or not, and respond with gratitude and awe!