I’ll be offering a talk on Evelyn Underhill next month as part of the Women Mystics School sponsored by Kelly Deutsch’s Spiritual Wanderlust website.   In preparation and I suppose as a teaser, Kelly interviewed me for a podcast  in the “Contemplative Monk” facebook group, talking especially about poetry and creativity in relation to my own spiritual practice..    I have to confess it is a strange feeling to me to have a fairly intimate conversation about my journey out there for all to see and hear but I do believe that sharing our stories is important for claiming and celebrating the value of the contemplative life.  And Kelly is a very talented interviewer, and delightful to talk to.  So. It does lay the groundwork for the overview of Evelyn Underhill’s life and teachings that I’ll be offering on December 3.  We’ll look at her life and what we know of her inner journey, and then spend some time with her teachings about Christian spiritual practice especially in her Practical Mysticism (1914) and The Spiritual Life (1936)